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Killer Can't Kill Me (Jeff the Killer story) pt 4 by sweetmanillagirl Killer Can't Kill Me (Jeff the Killer story) pt 4 by sweetmanillagirl
Jeff POV

The woman sobbed, begging me to spare her. I laughed evilly. I licked the blood from her slashed wrist, then instantly spat it in her face. It tasted disgusting, what happened to the pleasure of tasting my victim's blood? The feeling was there, just dull. This piece of trash wasn't even amusing. Her nasty makeup was smeared down her face, and she continued to beg. The knife I held felt wrong, I wanted my knife. Damn! Why did I leave it with Juliet? Using the stupid replacement knife, I slit deep into her throat. She gasped, blood pooled everywhere, she choked on her own blood, then died. I felt bored and depressed as I carved a smile in her face. Maybe I needed a snack.

Slipping the knife into my pocket, I left the park, and snuck into a clothing store. I stole another white hoodie and ditched my old one in a dumpster. It didn't matter how many white hoodies I had used, what they stood for mattered. Walking down the pitch black streets, I wondered how Juliet was. I had hid on the neighbor's roof when the police came, and watched them question her. She didn't say anything about her masterpiece. I hope she kept it. The thought of her trashing the painting made me decide to search her trash in the morning. I found myself entering the diner where she worked. A blonde, in appealing young waitress watched me suspiciously, then walked into the rest room. I had my hood up, and I sat on a bar stool at the counter. I remembered what Juliet had eaten for lunch today, fries and steak sauce.

I ordered that. The manager eyes me as she took my order, but said nothing. Good. While I waited for the food, I plucked a brown napkin from a metallic napkin holder and started ripping away teeny bits of the corner. By the time I got my plate of fries, I had ripped the entire napkin apart. Glancing at the bits of paper on the counter, I asked the waitress for a glass of water. She nodded and quickly gave me a tall glass of icy water. I ate the food quickly at fist, not bothering to taste it. After nearly choking, I slowed down, dipping the fries in the steak sauce and savoring the spicy tang it had. It was the best meal in moths. When I finished, I took out a two twenties, I had robbed my last way victim, and say them down on the table. One twenty was probably enough to pay for the meal and tip the woman, but I was feeling........generous? Oh great, just freaking wonderful.

When I left, I decided to go to my city home, for the night. I raced to the most remote side of the park, and saw a gnarled tree that mark the entrance. Crawling under some roots, I was in a small tunnel beneath a the tree. I crawled until I reached my home and say down on my bed. What was wrong with me? I pulled out the knife, spinning it in my hand, and jabbed the blade into my hand, which once amused me, now I only felt pain. I threw the knife in the corner in frustration, then pulled off my hoodie and laid down on my bed. Staring at the stone ceiling, I wondered why (again) I let the girl live. I pulled a lighter and a pack of cigarettes from my pocket, and lit a cigarette. Her face floated around in my head, taunting me. Smoking the cigarette, I failed at forgetting that face. I drifted to sleep.

Massive piles of bodies surrounded me, bloody and eyes unseeing.The towers of dead bodies went on for miles. I walked, slipping in blood toward the bodies. They were buildings made from fresh corpses, it was a city, made of my victims. I laughed, this was amazing! I ran through the bloody streets, splashing I blood puddles and grinning. What joy! A scream of agony rang out. I skidded to a stop, listening. The scream was close. I ran through the streets, the scream getting louder and more pained.

"You will pay Jeff" a female voice rang out. The screams persisted. I rounded a corner and saw two figures. One was a I person in a long black coat, a wide brimmed black hat over their head, shadowing their face. The other was Juliet, screaming. The figure held MY knife and was slicing her stomachs open. Fury enveloped me, a pounced on the figure who attacked Juliet. Ripping the knife from the gloved hands, I stabbed the attacker, then turned to Juliet.

She wore a long black dress, black combat boots, and her hair was pulled in a long pony tail. Her pale skin seemed to glow. Blood soaked her, she lay in an inch of blood. Her face was smeared with blood and twisted in a scream. She stared at me with relief. Panic rose inside me. Her stomach was slashed open, I could see her intestines, so much blood. It took me a moment to realize I was sobbing. I held her tiny hand, and sobbed. Her eyelids fluttered, her breathing was very shallow.

"Jeff, it's OK" she whispered hoarsely. I shook my head violently. She looked sad, not scared, just sad. "Jeff...." she paused, "you have me!"

I sat up, and realized I was shaking. What is wrong with me? Dreaming about some girl who should be dead! I knew there was no way I could kill Juliet, no way. Grabbing my knife off the stone floor, I left my home. Wandering the city streets, I slaughtered a few people, then ditched the police sirens. I needed a new form of amusement. I passed a movie theatre, some horror films were playing. I bought a ticket and sat down in a crowded room. The movie started like any other horror movie, boring deaths. During the movie, I drifted off into a mindless sleep. I was awoken by a theatre worker, who shook me. With a growl that startled the man, I ditched the building. It wasn't even noon. Finally, I decided to go visit Sally. She is annoying as hell, but more amusing than these pathetic people.

A thirteen story apartment, brick apartment falling to shambles stood before me. Clouds had gathered and it began to drizzle. I yanked a rusty doorknob and entered a narrow hallway. Doors missing their room numbers lined the hall, the hall had crap lighting. Walking to the end of the hall, I climbed thirteen flights of creaking wooden stairs. The stairwell had a door before it, multiple locks on the old wooden door. I banged on the door. Inside the door, I heard rustling and clicks. The door opened a tiny bit inward, and a tiny pale hand shot out. The hand dug into my arm, I yawned. Sally opened the door fully and stated at me. She was a small child, with curly brown hair, pale skin, and large, red green eyes. A bit of blood leaked from her eyes. Sally wore a bloodstained nightgown, and her arms and legs seemed bent oddly. Grinning at the girl, I patted her head and entered her massive studio apartment which took up the whole floor.

"Hi Jeff" she said with a smile. She shut her door and walked awkwardly to a beat up sofa, her legs bending strangely and her body rattling slightly. Weird little ghost child.

"Hey Blood Rag" I said mockingly, using my preferred nick name. She pointed to the opposite sofa and I sat down, looking around her studio. Pulling out a cigarette and lighter, I lit a cigarette.

"I hate that nick name" she said in a pouty voice.

"I hate you" I retorted, then took a drag.

"Nice to see you Jeff" she said sweetly, her eyes laughing. I hate this kid. "What brings you here?" she asked.

"Boredom" I admitted.

"Boredom? There's a surprise, because that weird girl sure seems fascinating" she said slyly.

"You've been spying on me?" I yelled in outrage. How in the world did this bloody kid......

"I can't help what I see, I have to keep tabs on the new families. Being a ghost is a hard life" she said, giggling. "We can't all wave a knife and be all over the news" she added and bust into hysterical, childish laughter.

"What's so funny?" I growled.

"You! Jeff the Killer, in love" she said, drawing out the last to words in a girly voice. I blew smoke in her face, she coughed.

"Love? You stupid child" I snarled.

"Your mad because your falling in love" she said smugly. Furiously, I walked over to her window slowly, then punched through the glass, and dropped my cigarette butt on the carpet. "Hey!" She yelled. I kept out the window without another word. As my feet hit the ground, not unpainfnully, I looked up. Sally leaned out her broken window, singing gleefully.

"First comes love!"
"Then comes marriage-"

I ran away from the brat's apartment


So, I'm back from my cousin's. *sigh* I am so happy about the awesome, inspiring comments I have been receiving! you guys rock! please keep reading this crazy story

-hugs the computer screen-

thanks so much guys!
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sweetmanillagirl Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
yup, the feels
Dramatic-music Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is interesting. Totally love it and I learned a lot about Sally and Jeff. Had no idea who Sally was, anyways. Just that she was a creepypasta figure. I'd  love to read more, keep up the good work!
PS: 3rd paragraph and 8th sentence, you spelled 'month' 'moth'. XD
sweetmanillagirl Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
thank you! The story about sally made me cry
Dramatic-music Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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